Electrical Engineering

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Electricity is a beautifully simple natural phenomenon that takes an equally beautiful, but more complex scientific process to effectively harness. At VP Engineering, we incorporate code requirements and common sense thought into our designs to yield one very simple result: when you throw the switch, the lights come on, the TV works, and the coffee maker gets hot. Proper distribution of electricity throughout a building – no matter the size – is a function of safety and efficiency. While the size of the building and its intended purpose greatly affect the concept, the fundamentals of common sense planning and fully integrated design do not change. Code compliance is a bare minimum standard that we frequently seek to exceed, because safe and economical power systems do not exist in a one-size-fits-all configuration. We address every possible factor that could impact your power system, including but certainly not limited to, the expected load, the equipment and technology available, any cost constraints, and the ever changing requirements of the codes. Electrical engineering does not need to be a daunting challenge you cringe away from. We make sure your electrical system design is thought about from the beginning and can help you understand how and why it is designed as it is. Leave the equations and the math to us, and you can dedicate your efforts to making sure your occupants get exactly the power they need for business to continue as usual….seamlessly.