Plumbing Engineering

plumbing engineering

While academically the science behind fluids dynamics and plumbing falls squarely into the realm of mechanical engineering, at VP Engineering our design team separates them to allow for complete specialization. Many of us take running water for granted, not to mention running water on the fourth story of a building, or throughout a large facility that services thousands. Employing the science and math behind moving a significant amount of fluid across great spaces and especially overcoming gravity is one of our specialties, and helping you understand how we do it is another. The practical application of plumbing is thousands of years old, and while the basics have not changed since the days of terracotta pipes, our design process incorporates the newest technologies and materials to harness the fundamentals of pressure and gravity. Every plumbing design we do is integrated into the overall building plan as a whole, rather than added as a patchwork later. This allows us to not only ensure every piece is efficiently and effectively placed, but also lets us minimize the amount of material usage. Cost effective design is second only to meeting code requirements and ensuring that every time you turn the tap, water comes out without fail.