History of VP Engineering

VP Engineering, less frequently referred to as Vrettos Pappas Consulting Engineers, was founded in February of 2003 by Dino M. Pappas, Nick C. Vrettos, and Kosta J. Pappas. The three licensed engineers came together to provide mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and plumbing engineering consulting services to clients across the country. Over the years, their clients have come from both the architectural and construction fields, and their services have been employed internationally, as well. With more than 40 years of combined experience, the three Professional Engineers recognized the importance of sustainability before it became trendy and are LEED certified. The firm has earned a reputation for excellence in both new construction and renovation projects by employing a broad spectrum of design experience and a natural inclination for efficient system design. The firm has designed and consulted on a wide variety of project types including retail outlets, religious facilities, hospitality and medical care centers, multifamily complexes, offices, restaurants, automotive/repair facilities, entertainment venues and highrises. They are licensed in 43 states and have operated in two foreign countries.



VP Engineering Team